Banon Cheese and Wine Pairing
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Banon Cheese and Wine Pairing

Banon CheeseDescription: Banon is a northern Provençal cheese that comes in a 3.5-ounce mini wheel, traditionally washed with eau-de-vie (marc), wrapped in chestnut or grape leaves, and tied with raffia. Predominantly a goat's milk cheese, Banon also contains small amounts of cow and sheep milk blended added to its recipe. It tastes best after having ripened for a few weeks. During this time it develops a smoother texture and rich flavor. Ripening often results in a small amount of edible blue mold under the wrapper. This mold helps to develop the flavor of the cheese. This cheese has a woodsy, fruity flavor that goes well with fresh fruit and sweet dessert wines. Made from pasteurized goat’s, ewe's and cow's milk.
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Type of Milk: Goat

Where is Banon Produced: France

Wine Pairings for Banon:

Chenin Blanc: Banon is a gourmet French cheese that comes wrapped in wine-soaked chestnut or grape leaves. This uniquely flavored treat is ideally balanced by the high acidity and sweet tones of a Chenin Blanc.
Bordeaux: A delicacy of a cheese, gourmet Banon is a soft, mixed-milk French cheese wrapped in wine-soaked grape or chestnut leaves and tied with raffia. This slightly lactic-smelling, crumbly cheese pairs well with the large red fruit features and bold aroma of a strong Bordeaux.
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