Comte Cheese and Wine Pairing
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Comte Cheese and Wine Pairing

Comte Cheese

Type of Milk: Cow

Where is Comte Produced: France

Wine Pairings for Comte:

Cabernet Sauvignon: Comte (also called Gruyere de Comte) is a hard, gourmet French cheese with lovely nut and toffee tones and a slightly salty aftertaste. Pair this bold, straw-colored cheese with a the dark fruits and bold tannins of a young Cabernet Sauvignon for a lesson in casual elegance.
Roussanne: Roussanne is a tart white wine with a bit of a nutty flavor and a floral aroma. When paired with a wedge of Comte (also called Gruyere de Comte), the nut and toffee flavors of this slightly salty cheese will bring out the similar tones in the wine for an ideal match.
Meritage: Comte is a lovely French gourmet cheese with nut and toffee flavors and a slight, salty aftertaste. It pairs well with high quality, refined wines. Pick up a bottle of your favorite Meritage and see what excitement the pairing brings!
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